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Lie Still... Sleep Becalmed... (May 2015)

Whilst not specifically a TDyC production, it was inspired by our Autumn 2015 FEAR production, there were a number of the crew involved helping to make it happen, putting it on, directing and performing in it.


It was 'Lie Still... Sleep Becalmed...' a unique production and exploration in sound, in Powys Hall @ Bangor University. 2 SOLD OUT shows in one night! lasting for about an hour and a half, including promenade, on stage and interactive performances!

Promenade production on the Boardwalk, Betws y Coed...

Un-Masked @Nadolig Llawen Betws y Coed, on the Boardwalk, Betws y Coed. Dec 2014


'Who is Santa? As children we look to this mysterious, almost out of reach aloof character to reward us for our good behavior. But as we grow older we realise that it is us that have the power to do the giving, though even then we can hide our true feelings behind the present/s'. Do you have what it takes to reveal your true self, and remove the mask...'

(cast & crew)

Our most recent Caerdroia Forest Labyrinth production...


'FEAR - it's all in the mind...' @the Caerdroia Forest Labyrinth, Gwydyr Forest, nr Llanrwst. Oct 2014


'Take a journey into the mind of the Forest and see what is unveiled. Fraught with difficulty, the mind can only communicate

through you, and then so only reveal it's true fears through your own experiences. Are you ready to take the journey and set

both yourself and the Forest free? Expect the unexpected, FEAR nothing!' (comments from the show) (cast & crew)

The Box@Nadolig Betws, on the Boardwalk, in Betws y Coed. Dec 2013


'Christmas has never been the same since. With numerous Doctor (Who's?!) trying to find out what had happened to the Christmas we all grew up knowing, and in particular Santa! Had it all completely lost it's purpose? and what illness had it come down with anyway? and what was in The Box...?

Mid Summer Murders@the Caerdroia Labyrinth, Gwydyr Forest, nr Llanrwst. June 2013


'Who Dunnit? or who didn't rather. The task was set, to find the murder the weapon, and where this erroneous crime was commited! The clues to the puzzle lay along the trail, but did anyone solve the crime? a few, but the crime is still being committed to this very day...'  Sold Out! (comments from the show)

Conversations Labyrinth Trafodaethau@the Caerdroia Labyrinth, Gwydyr Forest, nr LlanrwstDec 2012


Set to coincide with the local 'Llanast Llanrwst' local festival, the challenge was to create a performance that crossed social & cultural boundaries and bring people together. Sold Out! (comments from the show)

The Legend of the Burning Ginger (bread) Man@The Burning Ginger-Man Festival, nr Betws y Coed. May 2012


'In a land where time forget, the local indigenous community had been hounded and terrorised by the fearsome Dragon for hundreds of years. At their wits end they seek the advice of the local sooth sayer, upon whos advice they set about creating a Ginger Dough Boy, the rest, as they say, is Legend...'


This was our first full outdoor production which ran as a part of the Burnign Ginger Man Festival, with promenade performances and a big dramatic stand off battle between the Dragon, and the Ginger Bread Boyman! 

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