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Our most recent production

@the Caerdroia Forest Labyrinth


'FEAR - it's all in the mind...'


Oct 30th - Nov 1st 2014


'Take a journey into the mind of the Forest and see what is unveiled. Fraught with difficulty, the mind can only communicate through you, and then so only reveal it's true fears through your own experiences. Are you ready to take the journey and set both yourself and the Forest free? Expect the unexpected, FEAR nothing!'


(link to comments from the event - or you can leave your own below here...v..)

More images from the FEAR performances

Cast & Crew 'FEAR' Oct 2014


F.E.A.R. Field (Forest) Hospital Crew

Doctor B – Kirsch Bowker

Nurse C – Jamie Stroud

Assistant A – Caitlin Potter

Assistant A2 – Yasmin Ruddick


And in the Labyrinth

Death – Glyn Griffiths / Will Westwood

Grave Digger – Will Westwood / Kevin Patey

Sleeping Wolf – Flynne

Spirit of the path – Teri Howson

Lord of the Globes – Rowan Burroughs

Lady Darkness – Cat Evans

Agent 267 – Kush Westwood / Yasmine Ruddick

Tree Man – Peter Boyd / Kevin Patey

Those pesky kids – Maisie Bowker, Elin Evans, Branwen Jones, & Megan Murray

Officious Bob – Joe Blakesley

Liberty – Emma Louise

The Memory Stealer – Rachel Rosen

Silly Billy – Deiniol Humphreys

Prof Jock – Jock Andrews

The Doctor - Alex Roberts

Mr Crazy no Name – who knows?!

Lady in Red – Holly Evans


'Caffi V' Zombie Kitchen Staff

Alan Trevelyan

Paul Barrett



Rosie Evans

Roger Davies

Tina Hill

Meirion Evans


Event Specific Art Installations

'Petrified Forest'; 'Glowing Orbs'; 'The Whispering Path'; 'Spiders Web'; 'Metalic Sound Garden', 'Disjointed'; 'The Electric Heads' – by Rachel Rosen (TDyC Lead Visual Artist)

'The Shrine' – Catrin Evans

'Seriously Grave' – Roger Hughes & Femke van Gent

'Don't Believe All That You Hear' – Rosie Barratt & Roger Hughes, video by Paul Higginson

'The Nightingale' (with Liberty) – made by 'Artz for Kids' @ Penmaenan Community Centre


Remaining in situ temporary Art Installations

The Grave – Roger Hughes

The Tree – Peter Boyd

The Robot – Rachel Evans


Musicians (House / Forest Band)

Captain Ferret & The Magic Hoovers (with special guests The Marmaladies of West Wales)

(Katherine Betteridge, Sioned Eleri Roberts, & Twila Bakker)


Creative Directors

Roger Hughes & Holly Evans


Original Concept

Alex Roberts


Production set-up and take down assistants / site maintenance

Roger Davies

Will Westwood

Mathew Evans

Keith Fletcher

David John

Rachel Evans


Other Contributors

Abeille Price

Connor Ash

Isobel Smith



'Caffi V'

FEAR - Oct 2014 - Comments...

'I liked hugging the tree – his outfit was fabulous.'

'Absolutely loved it! Best thing I've done in a while...'

'I found the whole experience quite artistic with the moon, the lights and the wondrous encounters'

'Still held my sparkler even though it's gone out.'

'Where woman was praying was creepy'

'Thank you for an amazing trip around the Labyrinth!!'

'Brilliant performance. Don't usually 'do' Halloween so this was fab! Thank you.'


'I liked the tree and the memory woman. Did not like the woman who threatened to take my tongue. Best Halloween night I've had in a while.'

'Terrifying, but brilliant! Thank you for a genuinely unique experience xx.'

'Brilliant! Amazing as most of the time I was by myself. Glad when it was over but want to do it again! Thanks!'

'Very entertaining'

'Lovely: great evening, well thought through.'

'Amazing – I almost pee'd! Thank you -x-'

'So good and really scary'

'Dark Dark Dark, Beautiful. Found peace, laughter, faith, mud, spirituality, feel in love with the 'Rainbow''

'It was brilliant! Thank you for being so witty, so responsive.'

'Cool journey – Sensory Dream!'

'Wicked, absolutely amazing and all the better for being dark'

'How peaceful I feel. And with soup and cake I am content.'

'Great night as usual – topical too.'

'Charles & Fiona conjoined twins – can't remember much as lost memory & failed to find it again. Failed the school test due to lost memory. Tablets worked well, virus all gone. My twin says she enjoyed it all, loved the tree. Both of us loved walking through the whispering wood. Very good legs dotted all over the place. If we ever get a virus again we will definitely come here for a cure!! Thank you for a wonderful evening.'

'Ardderchog, excellent mix of fear, anticipation & nastiness. Lovely tree guardian – I'm glad I have my memory, voice and limbs. Diolch yn fawr.'

'This was a very cool walk and evening! Very well done! Loved it.'

'Wonderful experience, tree man & teacher were very good, & memory lady. Everybody well done'

'Amazing, imaginative, infectious (?!?). Thank you.'

'It was amazing, better than I thought it would be. Although I wish people would of jumped out to petrify me. Thanks so much for making my night.'

'Interesting experience. Well worth coming'

'I had a fabulous time, better than expected. Will definitely bring others...roll on 2015.'

'Good fun, where is Ruari?'

'Really great fun, Got a bit lost. Thank you x'

'Very good & entertaining. Scary...'

'Very good experience, very entertaining. Would like to try it again.'

'Fabulous! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :)'

'Dark & scary; I have been walking black paths in spooky woods with genuine fear of what I might come across. The mystery of the cabin, where I dared enter & the wind blew the door shut, absolutely crapped myself & barrelled out of there babbling, half out of my wits. The dark tunnel with the inhumane voices, the grave with the half buried people, the video, all genuinely disturbing. Though as tree-man said, it's my imagination that is my biggest fear. Thank you agent 267 for your message of hope that gave me courage to go on again! You were the only light in those deeply dark & disturbing woods! Awesome production labyrinth crew. Thank you so much for your creation. You are a great team & so inventive! (The Duke of Northumberland).'

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