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The Caerdroia Labyrinth Performances truly are a unique experience...


Below are comments from some of our performances...

FEAR - Oct 2014


'I liked hugging the tree – his outfit was fabulous.'

'Absolutely loved it! Best thing I've done in a while...'

'I found the whole experience quite artistic with the moon, the lights and the wondrous encounters'

'Still held my sparkler even though it's gone out.'

'Where woman was praying was creepy'

'Thank you for an amazing trip around the Labyrinth!!'

'Brilliant performance. Don't usually 'do' Halloween so this was fab! Thank you.'


'I liked the tree and the memory woman. Did not like the woman who threatened to take my tongue. Best Halloween night I've had in a while.'

'Terrifying, but brilliant! Thank you for a genuinely unique experience xx.'

'Brilliant! Amazing as most of the time I was by myself. Glad when it was over but want to do it again! Thanks!'

'Very entertaining'

'Lovely: great evening, well thought through.'

'Amazing – I almost pee'd! Thank you -x-'

'So good and really scary'

'Dark Dark Dark, Beautiful. Found peace, laughter, faith, mud, spirituality, feel in love with the 'Rainbow''

'It was brilliant! Thank you for being so witty, so responsive.'

'Cool journey – Sensory Dream!'

'Wicked, absolutely amazing and all the better for being dark'

'How peaceful I feel. And with soup and cake I am content.'

'Great night as usual – topical too.'

'Charles & Fiona conjoined twins – can't remember much as lost memory & failed to find it again. Failed the school test due to lost memory. Tablets worked well, virus all gone. My twin says she enjoyed it all, loved the tree. Both of us loved walking through the whispering wood. Very good legs dotted all over the place. If we ever get a virus again we will definitely come here for a cure!! Thank you for a wonderful evening.'

'Ardderchog, excellent mix of fear, anticipation & nastiness. Lovely tree guardian – I'm glad I have my memory, voice and limbs. Diolch yn fawr.'

'This was a very cool walk and evening! Very well done! Loved it.'

'Wonderful experience, tree man & teacher were very good, & memory lady. Everybody well done'

'Amazing, imaginative, infectious (?!?). Thank you.'

'It was amazing, better than I thought it would be. Although I wish people would of jumped out to petrify me. Thanks so much for making my night.'

'Interesting experience. Well worth coming'

'I had a fabulous time, better than expected. Will definitely bring others...roll on 2015.'

'Good fun, where is Ruari?'

'Really great fun, Got a bit lost. Thank you x'

'Very good & entertaining. Scary...'

'Very good experience, very entertaining. Would like to try it again.'

'Fabulous! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :)'

'Dark & scary; I have been walking black paths in spooky woods with genuine fear of what I might come across. The mystery of the cabin, where I dared enter & the wind blew the door shut, absolutely crapped myself & barrelled out of there babbling, half out of my wits. The dark tunnel with the inhumane voices, the grave with the half buried people, the video, all genuinely disturbing. Though as tree-man said, it's my imagination that is my biggest fear. Thank you agent 267 for your message of hope that gave me courage to go on again! You were the only light in those deeply dark & disturbing woods! Awesome production labyrinth crew. Thank you so much for your creation. You are a great team & so inventive! (The Duke of Northumberland).'

International Visit (EU Garden Future-EU Project) - Temporary Show, June 2014


'An intense research in the nature helped by welcoming persons where I could discover something that I will live because my life will develop and grow as the trees of this forest.' Vivianne, Italy


'A lovely experience. It was like looking of my life reflected in the moment at every stop a part of me came up and I couldn’t keep the deep emotions.'


'It has been a really fondly and emotional experience. I still think about every step today and in the future I’ll keep reflecting a lot about what happened to me.' Rita


'Lived a fantastic experience in this Welsh forest, enjoyed it a lot, had great fun.'


'It was a fantastic experience for me. You are all great people with very big hearts. Thank you.' Andriana, Greece


'Lovely forest, great atmosphere, thrilling game.'


'Muito bom! Una experience fantastica.'


'Escelente experiencz! Una envolvencz and pat de espirito.' Pedro, Portugal


'We have fantastic experience in Welsh forest, meeting people who responding us. Thank you for open minding hospitality and warm attitude.' Latvian partners.

Mid Summer Murders - June 2013


'Brilliant - Amazing experience'

'Good fun, Highly amusing, looking forward to coming back again'

'What a delightful experience - well worth the visit'

'Thank you for an excellent evenings entertainment - an unexpected ending - very well acted'

'A wonderful experience.'

'A wonderful experience - thank you. Lots of fun, a little 'Alice in Wonderland' in places, really well done. :)'

'A crazy night and would like a 'naked de-brief at end''


'Profiad bedigedig. Diolch yn fawr i bawb'

'Diddorol a hwyl.'

'Was great! full of fun and laughs hehe. Thaks very much!'

'Gwycha bendigeidfran, diolch yn fawr :)'

'Really enjoyed The whole evening, Thanks'

'Enjoyed myself as always, and fascinated with each new idea you come up with!'

'Brilliant evening full of intrigue. Performers were very good'

'Great! Love the zombie.'

'Very enjoyable evening - full marks to all - including the midges.'

'Fantastic - what fun and good thought provoking stuff'

'Absolutely amazing, had a great time. Very well organised and incredible enjoyable.'

'Very well organised, great fun and a good message. Good weather helped. Track well lit, big help.'

'Great entertainment, great theme and stroy. Looking forward to doing it again!!'

'this was fabulous. Well thought out and produced. Thought provoking too.'

'Loved being out in the forest on solstice with such a good message! Will be back!'

'Marvellous time! Many interesting people. More sexy ladies mext time please. Otherwise GOOD!'

'One of the best nights in a forest I've had!'

'Amazing evening! not the usual friday night out'

'Amazing, loved it, what a way to spend a fridy night. loved it.'

'A wonderful experience. Thank you.'

'Very good as usual'

'The most memorable theatre experience - thanks you all.'

'Noson braf!'

'Another magical evening! Thank you! cast and set superb!'

'Another amazing Caerdroia experience. Can't wait for the next event.'

'A fun way to spend the solstice'

'Fantastic experience! Lots of fun and thought provoking.'

'Wonderful experience. I love the labyrinth!! Different everytime. See you next time! Thanks !!!'


'Very fun experience! Would recommend. Will definitely come again! Thanks for the show'

'Brilliant! Creepy, funny, engaging and a great message! Loved it! P.s good butler too!'

'Great night in the woods! Thank you'

'Very entertaining evening'

'Thank you so much! Had a fantastic time and learnt so much! Transporting performances!'

Conversations Labyrinth - December 2012


'Magic as always. What a thought provoking experience. Thank you all!'

'Another great night – can't wait for the next one!'

'Sensual Extravaganza. I really enjoyed it despite the rain :)'

'Thank you all. Amazing x x x x.'

'Alys + Violin = Awesome.'

'Absolutely Splendid'

'Had a fantastic experience, loved it.'

'An absolutely brilliant introduction to the labyrinth. We will be happy to return. Loved the integration of music within the journey – very effective!'

'Amazing journey – want another one soon! :)'

'Bendigedig. Beautiful North Walian eve. Thanks!'

'Really good. I've enjoyed it. Thank you, Diolch.'

'Magical, very entertaining + spooky + enjoyable :)!'

'Crazy people, cace fun, see u next time.'

'Barking, spooky, comical, keep on performing.'

'I no longer fear the woods!'

'What a journey – thanks to all who made it possible!'


'Had a lot of fun!'






'Very fun, Enjoyed myself no end. Particularly enjoyed the couple with the dog!'

'I have your pink blanket'


'Thanks. You made me forget about my frozen feet – or maybe it was the port and sloe gin! Xxx'

'A very strange evening! - really enjoyed it. Thank you.'

'Wonderful magical experience in the deep dark forest. Well done to all who worked so hard creating the experience.'

'awesome once again. Diolch yn fawr!'

'awesome eve thank you, inspiring and awesome 'imagination' food. Can't wait for the next one. Diolch.'

But don't just take their word for it, come along and see for yourselves!

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